What is PowerLiftingService? Who it is created for?

This service is about to minimize routine work for secretaries and automize all the processes during powerlifting (or single events) tournaments. Besides, PowerLiftingService covers all the life circle of powerlifting federation: tournament enties and presentation, comfortable work during competitions, online results, export to Excel and many more.

PowerLiftingService has friendly and useful interface for usage by tournament secretary/speaker, which actions are now simplified; has actual and real-time statistics for sportmen and coaches to plan their weights; and also has a web-pages with information for all internet fans of this sport.

First of all, service will help national power sports federations and associations to do their daily work, but also will be an useful tool for internet users.

What technologies one shold know to use PowerLiftingService?

The system is not a specific application and does not require complex installation process. All communication with the system is done through web-browser (any of modern browser is ok: Chrome, Safari, FireFox, IE, Opera). Installation process is very simplified (service is perfectly working on Windows, Mac or Linux with no limitations), all is easy and comfortable. You definetely know everything to use PowerLiftingService!

I'm not sure that PowerLiftingService will fit needs and request for our Powerlifting Federation. How can I test it?

We can provide you with the free trial account, so you can test the system and check its features. Just email us on info@powerliftingservice.com

What language does this system use? Does it have metric measurements, or pounds

PowerLiftingService now supports two languages - russian and english (we're working on other languages support as well). All weights are recorded and stored in kg (metric system), but you can also view the results in final tournament sheet in lb.

I'm international federation representative, can PowerLiftingService be used by iternational federations?

The service is created for national powerlifting federations and associations (it has national records table, national qualification results etc), but it can be configured for international federations as well. Just email support team on info@powerliftingservice.com, and you'll get the information.

I'm owner of sport-clubs brand, and I usually organize unofficial tournaments beetween clubs. Can I use this service for that?

Of course, you can. Any kind of power sport organization (whether it national or regional or private) is welcome for cooperation. And you can use PowerLiftingService not only for powerlifting tournaments but any kind of power sports championship with the similar scheme (like Rolling Thunder or Biceps Pull).

Simply email us on info@powerliftingservice.com with your request, and we will offer you a solution.

You have 3 different packs of service on your home page. What's the difference?

We provide you with 3 different options of a system, so you can choose the one that fits you best.

Basic pack, the most easy-to-get option, allows you to organize and process powerlifting (or single exercizes) tournaments with stable internet connection. All the work is done right on the main data server, and all the results will be available in the web. The tournaments data (lifters profiles, weights, start entries and result sheets) is duplicated in backup-server very often, so you can restore the previous data if you want. This is the best option to start with PowerLiftingService!

Full pack is the recommended option for national federations and associations. It's not necessary now to set up the internet connection where the tournament is held. You shouldn't worry if the connection is lost in the middle of the tournament. PowerLiftingService keeps working on and you can rely on it anywhere. This is great and necessary feature for the tournaments management!

Premium pack is on development right now and it will have a lot of additional great features to extend a full pack option. Some of them are: unique video-recording system, so you can easily have a video from your tournament by a few clicks, radio- and video-streaming, mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. We will publish a presentation of the premium pack soon on our Home page.

For any option you choose - we provide good quality tech support and learning manuals.

Can I use PowerLiftingService with mobile internet connection?

Yes, service uses quite a small portion of traffic, and it perfectly working on 3G or EDGE connections. But don't forget, that by having a full or premium pack of service you won't worry about your internet quality ever again. PowerLiftingServce will stay working even when internet connection fails, and no data will be lost.

I have orderdered basic pack of the service and now I'd like to upgrade to full pack. How it can be arranged?

You should email us with your request to info@powerliftingservice.com. You'll be contacted for details.

Can I print results sheets or save it in Excel?

Yes, you can easily export results to Excel file and print it from Excel application or from browser itself.

How can I order PowerLiftingService?

To order PowerLiftingService or to get free trial account email us on info@powerliftingservice.com. You'll be contacted for details.

I've not found the answer for my question here. Whom can I contact with my question?

Feel free to contact us by email info@powerliftingservice.com. We will provide you with needed information.